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Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines: American Champagne

milk_jug_sMy paternal grandmother, Helen S. Wright, must have been fond of champagne as she collected several recipes for her book, Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines published in 1909. I seriously wonder if she tried any of them but she included eight.  After reading the ingredients of the recipe for American Champagne I wonder if she ever drank the bubbly from this recipe or any other.

In Grandmother’s words:

“Seven quarts good cider (crab-apple cider is the best), one pint best fourth-proof brandy, one quart genuine champagne wine, one quart milk, one-half ounce of bitartrate of potassa. Mix and let stand a short time time; bottle while fermenting. An excellent imitation. “Milk”? What did the stuff look like? Hard to imagine that it was an “excellent imitation” but then I should try it before I scoff at it. Frankly, drinking the “genuine champagne wine” and the brandy sound like the best idea.

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