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Book Review: Bugs!

From the What on Earth? Explorer series comes this fascinating book on bugs that is sure to capture the attention of any bug lover.  It is set up as a graphic novel with the protagonist, Agent Eagle, as he goes on an adventure to study the history of bugs from prehistoric to modern times.  Readers share the content of Agent Eagle’s field notebook and comments as he journeys through time collecting data.  Written for readers 7-11 years old Bugs! is equally interesting to adults who like bugs.

Agent Eagle tell us about the distinctive characteristics of bugs, their origin and evolution, classification, adaptions,  life cycle, communication,  communities, and interaction with humans.  We learn about  spiders hiding in silk funnels they make, insects that have a bird poo disguise, and giant flying insects with 1.5’ wing spans.   Some bugs like ants, praying mantis’ and centipedes may be familiar while other like the mole cricket, peacock dancing spider, and sea spider may be new introductions.  All are interesting and have their own special charm.  A brief description of some famous bug explorers, a quiz, name game, glossary, and 6’ long timeline of 100 bugs from 520 million years ago to modern times, complete the work

The format is very appealing and invites reader involvement and the text is informative, full of facts, and contains just enough trivia to be fun and lively.  The illustrations are detailed, eye-catching, and add a lot to the text.  I was puzzled to note, however, that a earthworms (easily identified as an annelid by its clitellum) was included as a bug especially since it does not have jointed legs, segmented bodies, or exoskeletons as bugs do. Otherwise, I totally enjoyed the book!

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