Mr Groundhog wants the day ofIt is always fun to find a new book that enhances a festive day and Pat Temper Vojta’s book, Mr. Grondhog Wants the Day Off, is a fun way to share the tradition of Groundhog Day with a child. The delightful story is told in both English and Spanish accompanied by boldly executed illustrations that convey the physical characteristics of the animals they portray while endearing them to the reader. A practical lesson is taught about tasks we all have to do, whether we like them or not.

Mr. Groundhog is discouraged and tired of being blamed for a long winter just because he can’t see his shadow on February 2nd when he pops his head out of his hole. He seeks help from his friends who won’t substitute for him but give him things to bolster his low morale and encourage him to do his job. All the friends take part in Mr. Groundhog’s special day and reap the benefits of their efforts.

This is a delightful book for a child old enough to understand what Groundhog Day is about. The illustrations are endearing and appeal even to the very young (and young at heart). A definite asset to a child’s collection of books.
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By Karen