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Book Review: Tell Your Children

With more and more people looking favorably on the legalization of marijuana there is a growing increase in the number of people concerned about legalization, and Alex Berenson is one of them.  In his book, Tell Your Children, Berenson explores the connection between marijuana, mental illness and violence.  Formerly a reporter for the New York Times, the author interviewed world experts from scientists, to psychiatrists, and researches to develop a compelling case for a closer look at the problem.

Berenson lays  the groundwork  for his work by outlining the history of the connection between marijuana, psychosis, and violence.  As he develops his thesis he debunks myths developed by pro legalization advocates such as its use to solve the opiate problem, reduce crime, or raise tax revenue.  He discusses the uses of medical marijuana and the problem of racial disparity of marijuana arrests and urges that more research be done on these topics in an effort to find the truth.  The link between marijuana use, mental illness, and violence, however, is his first concern and he uses case studies and interviews with marijuana users and/or their families to highlight his cause.  Well written and easy to read, this book offers a solid beginning to understanding an aspect of marijuana use that has not been given much attention until now.


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