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Book Review: The Gardener & the Grill

gardener-and-the-grill Grilling is easy, gets you outdoors, and allows the kitchen stay cool when temperatures rise, but there is a whole lot more to enjoy with this popular method of cooking and The Gardener & the Grill shows you how. Authors Karen Adler and Judith Fertig take you on a culinary adventure presenting gardening tips and recipes for everything you need to prepare a banquet. Appealing especially to those who grow their own produce, the book is also a great source of techniques and recipes for anyone who likes fresh food prepared with a flare and the rich flavors that grilling develops.

After introductory material on special grilling techniques, the authors present a chapter on sauces, seasoned salt, vinaigrettes, drizzles, herbal butter, and other additions to grilled foods. Here you will find directions for such treats as end-of-the garden sauce, Italian Parmesan grilling paste, and smoked garlic and cilantro cream sauce. The remaining six chapter focus on specific groups of foods such as appetizers, soup and salad, fruits and deserts, and vegetable sides. There are also chapters on meat, poultry, and fish, as well as sandwiches , flatbreads and pizzas. You can find recipes for grilled potato salad, fire-roasted fava beans with sheep’s milk cheese, and grilled persimmons with three-citrus drizzle. There are recipes for gourmets, vegetarians, and people who just like simple food well cooked.

Special sections throughout the book give information to help the reader to develop grilling skills. These include instructions for picking the best vegetables to grill, freezing grilled food when produce is abundant, and turning grilled flatbread and vegetables into meze. This is a unique grilling book and may “turn up the heat” on your enthusiasm for grilling.

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