The evening can be on of the most wonderful times to enjoy a garden and author, Lia Leendertz, explores the joys of a garden that can be appreciated as much in the evening as during the day. She discusses the use of color, scent, lighting, and water to enhance the garden at twilight by stimulating all the senses and provides suggestions for attracting desirable wildlife, creating a sense of enclosure and making the best use of whatever space is available for the garden. A significant amount of the book is devoted to ideas for entertaining in the twilight garden.

Over half of the book is composed of descriptions of the best plants for a twilight garden, divided into groups: Star Plants, Supporting Cast, and Backstage Beauties. Each description features a full color photograph of the plant along with information on its outstanding characteristics, size, hardiness, propagation, flowering period, and light, soil, and fertilizer requirements. Throughout the plant descriptions, the author provides insightful tips for using the plant to its greatest advantage.

Leendertz’ enthusiasm and love of her garden are evident throughout the book. She shares her own garden through pictures and descriptions and encourages the reader to explore all the various pleasures a garden has to offer. The glorious photographs of the many plants she discusses are sure to inspire any gardener to think seriously about extending the time spent in the garden into the evening.

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