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Easy Hybrid Tea Roses for the Garden

The McCartney Rose HT 2 bushHybrid tea roses have a reputation for being difficult to grow, requiring great attention to fertilizing, application of pesticides, and pruning. Inspired by the Earth-Kind Program which focuses on shrub and old garden roses, the “Easy-Tea” Hybrid Teas Rose Research Project aimed to identify already existing hybrid tea cultivars that can meet the project criteria to be designated earth-friendly. The four-year study was scientifically designed and the results were statistically analyzed.

Five roses earned the designation of “Easy Tea Rose”, based on blackspot susceptibility, and overall landscape performance in regard to flowering, vigor, and visual appearance of the plant. One caveat; “easy” is a relative term and when applied here to these hybrid tea roses does not imply that they will do well if neglected.

Traviata HT 2Large dark red flowers full of small petals lightly flecked with white at the center turn crimson as they fade. Foliage is very dark green and stems are long.

Flower Size: 4.7”
Number of Petals: 90-100
Fragrance: Light, fruity
Shrub Size: 4.9-5.6’ H x 3.3’ W
Hardiness: Zone 6
ARS Rating: 8.0

‘Tahitian Sunset’
Tahitian Sunset HTOrange-yellow buds open to large apricot/apricot blend flowers are usually carried singly on long stems. Foliage is dark green and semi-glossy.

Flower Size: 5”
Number of Petals: 30
Fragrance: Strong, licorice
Shrub Size: 5’ H
Hardiness: Zone 6
ARS Rating: 7.7

‘Pink Traviata’
PinkTraviataThe hot pink flowers are similar to those of ‘Traviata’ from which it is a mutation. The stems are shorter but h foliage is glossy and dark green.

Flower Size: 4.7
Number of Petals: 90-100
Fragrance: Light, fruity
Shrub Size: 5’ H
Hardiness: Zone
ARS Rating:7.4

‘Frederic Mistral’
Frederic Mistral HT 2With an old fashioned cup-shaped flower, this hybrid tea has a mass of dusty rose pink petals that are slightly darker on the reverse. Rich green, semi-glossy foliage and almost thornless stems.

Flower Size: 4.5”
Number of Petals: 40-45
Fragrance: Strong citrus
Shrub Size: 6’ H x 3’ W
Hardiness: Zone 5
ARS Rating: 8.0

‘The McCartney Rose’
The_McCartney Rose HTDeep rosey pink petals with darker reverse turn mid pink as they age. Mid-green, glossy leaves.

Flower Size: 3.- 4.7”
Number of Petals: 20-40
Fragrance: Strong, fruity, spicy
Shrub Size: 3-6’ H x 2’ W
Hardiness: Zone 7
ARS Rating: 8.0

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