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Easy to Grow Hybrid Tea and Florabunda Roses with Great Fragrance

Rose IcebergWe all love fragrant smelling roses but unfortunately many of them are not easy to grow. Here are five that are considered especially fragrant but also do not need pampering. They come in a variety of colors and are moderately hardy and repeat bloom all through the season. Some have abundant flowers and are almost constantly in bloom.


Hybrid tea rose 'Bewitched'
Rich pink flowers have long large petals that are ruffled and slightly darker on the back. They are carried on long strong stems, hold their color well and are good cut flowers. The bush is erect and stiff, and needs light pruning for best flower production. It is almost continuously in bloom in warm climates. An All-American Rose Selections winner.

Type: Hybrid Tea
Origin: Lammerts, US, 1967
Parentage: ‘Queen Elizabeth’ x ‘Tawny Gold”
Flower Size: 4.7”
Petal Count: 27-30
Scent: Strong and sweet
Flowering: Repeats well
Plant Size: 4.9’ H x 3.3’ W
Hardiness: Zone 5
ARS Rating: 7.7

rose_folkloreLong pointed buds open to dark orange-pink flowers that fade to salmon pink with creamy yellow backsides. The large glossy leaves are crimson when young. Plants are vigorous and fast growing.

Type: Hybrid Tea
Origin: Kordes, Germany 1977
Parentage: ‘Duftwolke’ x seedling
Flower Size: 4.3”
Petal Count: 44
Scent: Strong and sweet
Flowering: Repeats
Plant Size: 4.9” H x 3.3” W
Hardiness: Zones 5
ARS Rating: 8.2

‘Fragrant Cloud’
Rose Fragrant CloudAlso known as ‘Duftwolke’ this orange-red rose is one of the parents of ‘Folklore’ mentioned about. The flowers are borne in clusters of three to seven on relatively short stems but are long lived in the vase. The well branched plants are vigorous, healthy, and prickly, and have large leaves.

Origin: Tantau, Germany, 1967
Parentage: seedling x ‘Prima Ballerina’
Flower Size: 5.1”
Petal Count: 28-35
Scent: Very strong, rich, fruity, sweet
Flowering: Repeats well
Plant Size: 4.9’ h x 3.3’ W
Hardiness: Zone 5
ARS Rating: 8.1

Rose IcebergThis popular rose has long pointed buds and an abundance of white flower borne in clusters. The small leaves are light green and glossy; the plant is vigorous, healthy, and shade tolerant. Stems are long and flowers are good in a vase.

Type: Floribunda
Origin: Kordes, Germany,
Parentage: ‘Robin Hood’ x Virgo
Flower Size: 2”
Petal Count: 25-35
Scent: Strong
Flowering: Continuous
Plant Size: 3.9-6.6’ H x 3.3’ W
Hardiness: Zone 4
ARS Rating: 8.5

‘Little Darling
Rose Little Darling 4This yellow blend floribunda produces its flowers in clusters of three to seven or more. The flowers are high centered and have pale salmon petals with a pale yellow reverse. The leaves are olive-green and the plants are healthy and Little Darling’ has been useful in the breeding of miniatures roses. Flowers are good in the vase.

Type: Floribunda
Origin: Duehrsen, United States, 1956
Parentage: ‘Captain Thomas x (‘Baby Chateau’ x ‘Fashion’)
Flower Size: 2.5-3”
Petal Count: 27
Scent: Strong, spicy
Flowering: Flushes throughout the season
Plant Size: 3.5’ H x 3’ W
Hardiness: Zone 6
ARS Rating: 8.2