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Five Miniature Roses for Containers: Pinks and Whites

Miniature roses make excellent plants for containers and can add color and beauty to a deck, patio, balcony, or other small space. They can be moved around to complement other container plants or can be grouped together for impact. If you enjoy the fragrance of roses, the containers can be used close to seating areas for maximum pleasure.

Here are some top notch miniature roses for containers. Three are pink and two are white.


Clear pastel pink flowers with 45-50 imbricated petals are produced singly or in clusters on neat, rounded bush with glossy green leaves. The flowers are darker pink in cool weather and have a hybrid-tea form and slight fragrance. The bush is quick to repeat and tolerates both heat and cold.

    Color: Clear pastel pink
    Flower Size: 1.4”
    Height: 1.3’
    Scent: Light and sweet

‘Minnie Pearl’
Named after the country-western comedienne, this miniature rose is a favorite because of its elegant shape and long stems. The double flowers are pale salmon pink with a touch of yellow at the base of each petal. They are borne singly or in clusters of up to five on a dense, bushy plant with small, glossy, mid-green leaves. The plant repeats so quickly that it is almost constantly in bloom.

    Color: Salmon pink with a touch of yellow in the center
    Flower Size: 1.8”
    Scent: Light and musky

‘Pink Symphonie’ (aka ‘Sweet Sunblaze)
Sometimes listed as a patio or shrub rose, ‘Pink Symphonie is a floriferous rose producing flowers in small clusters of three or less almost continuously. The petals of the flowers are soft pink with darker pink backs and are set off by the dark, healthy, shiny leaves. The bush has a very neat growth habit and forms a compact mound.

    Color: Soft pink
    Flower Size: 2”
    Scent: Light and musky


The tiny flowers of this miniature rose have a satiny texture and vary with the climate from pure white to slightly pink with warm or cool temperatures respectively. They have 40-60 petals and are borne singly and in long clusters of 5 to 20 on stems without prickles. The small, dark, healthy leaves cover a neat upright disease resistant bush.

    Color: White with pink blush
    Flower Size: .8”
    Scent: Light and musky

‘Gourmet Popcorn’
Creamy buds open to crisp white flowers with 15-20 petals and golden stamens. The cupped flowers are borne in cascading clusters on disease resistant, bushy plants with dark green leaves.

    Color: White
    Flower Size: 1”
    Scent: Musky

All five of these roses boast fragrance, some more than other. This characteristic can best be appreciated when the plant is close by so using them in containers is especially appealing. All are disease resistant and floriferous, great choices for containers.

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