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Plant Combination: Yarrow (Achillea x ) ‘Coronation Gold’ and Hybrid Sage (Salvia x superb) ‘East Friesland’

yarrow-salvia combinationThis combination of violet-purple hybrid sage paired with deep mustard-yellow yarrow make a vivid statement over a long bloom period in summer. The flowering spikes of the sage give an upright thrust in counterpoint to the flat flowerheads of the yarrow while the fern-like gray-green foliage of the yarrow produces an attractive accompaniment for the blooms. Both plants thrive in full sun with medium to dry, well-drained soil.  For a similar combination of indigo blue and mustard yellow substitute the cultivar “May Night” the ‘East Friesland’ sage.

Yarrow (Achillea x) ‘Coronation Gold’Yarrow Achillea-Coronation-Gold

One of the best yellow yarrows available, ‘Coronation Gold’ is an upright well branched perennial that rarely needs staking. The small yellow flowers are densely clustered into flat heads about four inches across that are borne on stiff stems up to three feet tall. The leaves are deeply divided and are aromatic. The bloom time can be lengthened by dead heading regularly. Heat, too much water and/or fertilizer may cause the plant to become floppy but it can be cut back to encourage new foliage growth and a possible rebloom in fall.

Bloom Time

    • : June to fall


    • 2-3’ H x 3’ W


    Zones 3-9

Hybrid Sage (Salvia x superb) ‘East Friesland’Salvia east-friesland-

This easy to grow perennial is erect and clump forming with purple stems echoing the color of the small flowers that are borne in profusion on slender terminal spikes. The wrinkled light green leaves are aromatic and form an attractive mound. Deadheading will keep the plants blooming over a long bloom time. In humid climates, plants may open up and become floppy; cut back to basal leaves to encourage a rebloom in fall.

Bloom Time:

    • Summer into fall


    • 12-18”H x 8-12” W



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